Welcome to the Mental Health at Work Platform (Beta)!

This totally free platform aims to help employers, HR managers, and OHS professionals address mental health at their workplace based on EU-funded international scientific research

Interactive Tools

Three tools can be consulted.

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H-WORK Benchmarking Tool

Discover how your organisation is doing as compared to other similar organisations

H-WORK Decision Support System

Make a snapshot of the situation at your organisation and see which action for improvement might be implemented

H-WORK Economic Calculator

Calculate how much money your organisation could save by carrying out mental health actions

H-WORK Roadmap

Want to know how to tackle mental health in the workplace?

Why the Mental Health at Work Platform matters?

Helping to improve and maintain employees' well-being is essential, not only because it is important to have healthy people at work, but also because a healthy workforce is associated with good organisational performance and climate. A healthy workplace is also a productive workplace. Un-Healthy workplaces directly affect employees’ ability to perform effectively at work. The H-WORK Innovation Platform provides analysis, decision-making, intervention, and evaluation tools to promote well-being in the workplace. Through the platform, you can benchmark your organisation or SME and use the decision support system to understand what kind of interventions are recommended in your case.

Where does the Mental Health at Work Platform come from?

The H-WORK Innovation Platform is an outcome of the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation project “H-WORK – Multilevel Interventions to Promote Mental Health in SMEs and Public Workplaces”. The project aimed to design, develop, implement, and validate multilevel assessment, intervention, and evaluation toolkits to promote mental health in the workplace across Europe. Check our website here or contact info@h-work.eu to know more.

H-WORK Roadmap


Do you want to take action on mental health and well-being in your organisation? Have a look at the H-WORK Roadmap!

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Step 1:
Prepare the ground

Setting up a team and communicating your mental health intervention project.

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Step 2:
Prioritise the needs

Identifying opportunities at different levels of the organisation for improving mental health in the workplace.

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Step 3:
Plan the actions

Engaging stakeholders and developing an action plan.

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Step 4:
Actions into practice

Implementing mental health interventions.

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Step 5:
Keep track

Monitoring how well the interventions are going and employees’ feedback.

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Step 6:
Sustain the progress

Ensuring employees’ adoption of learning on the job.

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Step 7:
Measure success

Collecting data before, during and after the interventions to evaluate mental health and well-being improvements.

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Policy Briefs

Making room for Mental Health: Recommendations from Psychologists to Managers

This briefing proposes several practical recommendations for action to effectuate a "mentally healthy" work environment, based on the H-Work outcomes.

Recommendations on Digital Interventions for Employee Wellbeing and Teamwork

This Policy Brief provides occupational health practitioners, HR directors, and managers of SMEs and public organisations with recommendations on digital-based interventions to improve employee wellbeing and teamwork.

Selecting Interventions based on Workers' Needs: Why and how to ensure Participation.

This policy brief is intended for Human Resources and Occupational Health professionals, managers, and union representatives, and introduces the importance of promoting and protecting mental health in the workplace through workplace Interventions.

Coming soon

This policy brief is not yet available.

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